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Supplies & Necessities

The following information is a list of what is included and what is needed for each session:

What We Provide:

Soccer Equipment

We provide the basic soccer equipment including, balls, nets, pylons, etc.

A Fun & Safe Environment

The camp will be held in the fully-fenced Parkview school yard. Washrooms are available onsite. 

First-Aid Kit

There will be a first-aid kit on site in case of emergencies.

What You Need To Bring

The following information is a list of what is expected to be brought by each camper.

Soccer Uniform

We expect each child to come prepared in appropriate soccer clothing (i.e., t-shirt, shorts, cleats, and shin pads). Clothing is weather-dependent and on the child or parent's personal preference.

Sun Protection

Please bring your child prepared for the weather conditions and protected from the sun. We will bring a limited supply of sunscreen for reapplication if required, but we cannot guarantee that there will enough for each camper.

Water & Snacks

We expect each child to be supplied with their own personal water bottle and snacks if desired.

Before the child can participate in camp, a parent or guardian must fill out and sign the form listed below for insurance purposes. This form can be handed in physically or via email (email is preferred)

Sport Waiver.pdf

Signed and Completed Sport Waiver

Playground-Safe Footwear

During camp, the kids will have time to visit the playground. We recommend that your child brings an additional pair of shoes so that they do not have to wear cleats on the playground.

Child-Specific Medications

Please provide your child with anything he or she may need (ex. epipen). Please inform us of any allergies prior to camp. 

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